Charity Bundle Results

The charity bundle sold 1,092 copies and raised $3,665.12 after transaction fees from Paypal, Amazon etc., which were fairly high because of the small size of transactions. The average donation paid was $3.79, the highest I think was $30.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

Web Site Update

Things should now be back to normal - please let me know if anything still gives problems.

Server Failure Update

I've uploaded a backup, but at the moment it's only accessible as - files that were accessed as or are giving error messages. I'm still waiting to hear back from technical support about this, hopefully it's fixable.

Server Failure

There has been a catastrophic server failure affecting the Forgotten Futures web sites - it isn't yet clear if it will be restored from backups or if I'll have to rebuild it, if the latter I'm going to take my time and finish putting the whole Forgotten Futures CD-ROM on line properly as well as rolling out some new stuff. I'll post again when I know what's happening. problems

There's currently a recurring problem with pages on this site that are linked as - I thought I'd fixed it a month or so ago but for some reason it's come back. It's caused by some sort of domain registration error.

I'm trying to fix it permanently, but as a temporary work around all of these pages should open correctly if you copy the link, paste it into the browser, but replace .com with .org before pressing enter. Please let me know if you find any page that won't open this way.


Since I'm EU based I need to post a GDPR statement for my web site etc:


Like all EU web sites I need to comply with the GDPR rules on privacy.

This site does not collect data, and I no longer take user registrations. I still retain a list of previously registered users in case there is any query, but I have no intention of sending out mailings and have never given the details to any third party. This file will be deleted seven years after I closed registration.

If you make a donation via the PayPal button I will send you an email thanking you - after that I will NOT bother you or send out any unsolicited emails. Again, I will not be passing details to any third party.

I should probably point out that PayPal keep their own records, and I have no way of knowing what they do with them.

Finally, I think that XKCD has it about right:

Many thanks!
I think this sums things up pretty well.

Site Support Donations

Last year I stopped accepting user registrations for Forgotten Futures, and asked supporters of the game to make a voluntary donation towards web site costs instead. This year I've decided to change the percentages I donate to charity from user contributions. In future I will be donating 50% to Cancer Research UK until site costs are covered; once costs are covered, 100% of the money donated will be paid to Cancer Research UK. I'm doing this because the original rate wasn't raising much for charity, this will make sure that it gets more.

Apologies that the site redesign hasn't happened yet, I'm still trying to come up with a way to do it which won't break all of the links from other sites - for example, there are a large number of links from Wikipedia - and won't require the creation of hundreds of extra files which would have to be tested. Hopefully I'll get it sorted this year!

This Year's Dragonmeet Adventure

I'm going to be running one adventure at Dragonmeet this year, in the afternoon slot (3-7 PM but probably nearer 3 hours than 4)

Title: Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter
System: Diana, Warrior Princess
Players: 6
Word on the streets in LA is that someone has put out an open contract on some British kid, just out of school. There's a hundred thousand dollars waiting for anyone who can kill him and prove that they did it.

All you need do first is check in with some crooked lawyers, they'll tell you all you need to know about the kid and his travel plans. After that the money is as good as yours!

Knowledge of Harry Potter, Angel, The Sopranos and Pulp Fiction is possibly helpful...

Note: Knowledge of any fanfic with this title I may have written in the past will probably NOT be very helpful.